Factory Reconditioned

Factory Reconditioned

Our Factory Reconditioned Products offer like-new performance at significant savings.

Fluke Factory Reconditioned Products have been returned from customers or sales staff lightly used for a variety of reasons. Trained Fluke technicians thoroughly inspect each product and perform any upgrades or modifications necessary to return the unit to like-new condition. Genuine factory replacement parts are installed if required, and the products are tested and calibrated as applicable to ensure performance to original specifications. Fluke stands behind our Factory Reconditioned Products with the same warranty as new Fluke products.

While some factory reconditioned products may have minor cosmetic blemishes, which do not affect performance, may not ship in the original packaging, and may require downloading manuals from the Fluke website, they offer customers the opportunity to purchase FLUKE performance at significant savings.

Contact us at 1.800.903.5853 or email distribution.orders@fluke.com

Purchases from the Fluke Industrial Factory Reconditioned Store are not eligible for any promotions or special offers from Fluke.